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Ideal retreats for travellers
looking for authentic Sicily
D'Ari Apartments
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A charming flat
With a view of Mt. Etna
Picciridda Suite
Discover Picciridda Suite
Colours and fragrances of one of the
most peaceful neighbourhoods in the city
Discover Casitta
Comfort e servizi
come a casa tua
D'Ari Apartments
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Discover Taormina
and Sicily
D'Ari Apartments
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Located in a quiet corner of Taormina near Porta Catania, they have a modern spirit that will let you relax and enjoy the beauty of this magical spot.

D'Ari Apartments

Services and Comforts


Air conditioning and heating

Bluetooth Charger


Clothes Washer

Iron and ironing board

Internet Wi-Fi

Sat TV and speakers

Ergonomic mattresses

Bed and bath linens, room slippers

Equipped kitchen

Essential condiments, kettle, toaster, coffee machine, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator

Bath soap

Shampoo and hairdryer



Surrounding area

The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At sunset, the sun’s rays transform the colour of the noble palaces, making them glow with a honey-gold radiance.
The most important city of the Magna Graecia where Archimedes was born.
The city shaped by Etna's eruptions. Its historical centre was rebuilt in Baroque style after the devastating earthquake of 1669.
Aci Trezza
A small fishing village overlooking the Cyclops Islands archipelago - the stones the Cyclops Polyphemus threw at Ulysses as he fled, according to Homer's Odyssey
Savoca & Forza D’Agrò
Two locations where one of the most famous films in history - The Godfather - was filmed.
Gole dell’Alcantara
The natural canyon was carved out by water, revealing walls created by basaltic lava flows.